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Creating a Local Network One transmitter, Multiple Receiver Application (Local Network Radio App) Answered

Alright, So here goes(Hope this is the correct category):
I attend a Hungarian conference event held every year along with some of my relatives, family, and bunch of other people i know. The issue is, is that some of the Hungarians who attend this conference do not know the language very well, and require a translator. Our "group" per se, does not yet have wireless transmitter/receiver setup yet, and are looking for a solution for being able to broadcast the English translation to all who need it, without disturbing the actual event. So i began to think. While i was listening to a digital radio station on my mobile device, i asked myself, "What does everybody already have?" Then i realized: A mobile device. I then began to think, "Could i harness the power of these peoples devices, and use them as receivers?" Then the idea grew, and now i am left with this:

My idea is to create an application which gives the ability for someone with a mobile device to broadcast audio to other mobile devices with the app also installed that are connected to either the local network (Preferred) or to the internet in general. What i was thinking, is to have the broadcasting device work as a wireless hotspot that doesn't necessarily provide internet, but instead streams the live audio to any other device connected to the broadcasted network, with the app installed. This way, anyone who needs a translation of whatever is being spoken can simply plug in a set of earbuds (And if someone doesn't have a mobile device, use an audio splitter) into their mobile device, and listen to the translator, who is using the mic on his mobile device to speak the translated version of whatever is being spoken. With this, nothing but software and mobile devices (Which everyone already carries around) Is needed. (The conference is held in a different location every year in order to make it suitable for everyone distance-wise.) Think of it as a local network digital radio app. The Translator is the radio station, and the people who need translation are the listeners/radios.

The problem is, I know near to nothing about creating mobile apps for Android or Apple (Yet.). I know loads about Android, i work with it more than i do with Windows/Linux/Mac/Chrome. I have flashed roms, read into the OS, and done a few other things, but know nothing about building my own APK. Same goes with Apple, except i almost never worked with the OS entirely.

What i would need, is help from people who have built apps, who know what they are doing, and have done similar things of such category. My free time is limited, and so i can't always be working on it. Nor is this project mandatory, i would simply like it to work efficiently by next year. I would be willing, and would love to learn how to build and design apps, so long as someone is willing to answer my questions. I don't plan on profiting off of this, so don't expect payment. (Maybe a donations page if this all works out, and other people start using the app?) 

The idea is still just an idea, however i would love to go through with it and actually have an app of such created.
Any constructive criticism is appreciated, and if i happened to do something wrong, please notify so i can correct it.
If you have any questions, or are willing to help, please do reply! 



5 years ago

Plenty of apps already exist for this and use the web. That way any web connected device can connect to the streaming service. Yes these things cost money to use as you either streaming the media from a central source or your storing your own media in the cloud and streaming it from there. But when it comes to media like that there are licensing fees you have to contend with. Especially if your sharing music across devices with other people.


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Well, i was thinking of making an app that only streams over local network (Issue would be it would crank up the data bill for anyone who doesn't have unlimited network access, and most of the time there isnt any free unlimited wifi.) Licensing fees? Explain? We wouldnt be streaming any music, and if all as fails, the app simply wouldnt go public.

Thanks for replying!


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If it's going outside your in home network and has to travel over the internet then you are basically file sharing the music which is illegal unless your have contracts with the record companies that allow you to do so. This costs money. Or you have to pay a small royalty fee for every song you stream outside your home network. But there are plenty of online services for stream music and media.


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It won't be going outside the local network (This is one goal, to not have to have an ISP to use this app, but instead a local wifi network.) And there won't be any music being streamed. I am assuming you are taking the "radio" part in a more literal way than what i am thinking. What i mean by "radio" is there is one broadcaster, and multiple listeners/radios/receivers. The broadcaster wouldn't be streaming music, he would be streaming whatever he would be saying. (which would be the translation of whatever is being spoken. Imagine it as a walkie talkie system, but only one person can speak, and multiple people can hear him, over a local network.) I am against bluetooth in this case, because bluetooth only travels ~30ft, whereas wifi travels as far as the mobile device can send it. And even then, you could bring in a wifi router and use it as a bridge to extend/boost the signal.