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Creative framing / mounting photos Answered

So I have some photos that I would like to print out and mount similar to the way they are in the attached image. Any ideas or advice on how best to do so? I'd like them to be on solid blocks of wood, and kind of like, sealed in and to the wood. Very sturdily mounted, almost like wheat-pasted. The only thing I've thought of so far was using casting resin, but I'm afraid it would eat thru the ink and paper... Also, any other ideas for mounting and hanging photos that are beyond actual 'frames'?



9 years ago

 I would use the same process listed in this instructable.  I've found for this process though that you should spray whatever paper you're using with a clear fixative like Krylon clear coat to keep the ink from running.  It talks about using tissue paper for but you can use whatever type of paper the tissue paper would just make it see-thru.  But definitely used MOD-PODGE and then seal with Clear Varnish.

I hope this helps