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DIY Waterprrof Iphone case. Answered


I have an iPhone 5s and want to make a durable waterproof case for that, specifically for white water rafting.
So I have an outline plan and want your inputs if I am doing something wrong or if you have a better suggestion.

1) Get a plastic box in which iphone cases come (some thing like this but which is strong

2) Get a rubber seal and fit it exactly for the size.

3) Make a wrist strap with some elastic and make a holder for iphone with it. 
     This holder is needed to keep the phone in place on hand and when I want to take the pic I can easily get it off, shoot and put it back.

4) Fish wire.
     This will be used to connect the actual phone case and wrist strap so if I drop the phone it still remains with me or use a retractable cable to make it more professional.

So far this is my idea, what do you guys think about it ?


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5 years ago

1. not the best choice.
2. next to impossible to combine with 1 for a watertight seal.
3. Velcro straps are good here.
4. Make sure to use something that does not cut you!
If the phone comes loose these thin wires can cause severe cuts in stressful situation like while rafting down the river.

Don't want to spoil your idea but you get pretty good bags for phones.
Some come with a fixed "window" that even allows touch control of the phone.
Using a glue suitable for the plastic in use you can attach a velcro strap to it and secure it on your body.
1/2" velcro give a pretty good and strong hold, add another strip going 90° over the end of the strap to secure it against accidentially coming loose.
If you put the phone into a suitable outdoox case like an Otterbox it will be secured against bumping/dropping and the bad keeps it dry at all times.
Please always add a small bag of silica gel with the phone in the bag as otherwise the phone will collect too much humidity in certain conditions.
Yellow or blue, indicating silica gel is best here.


Reply 5 years ago

if you have a plastic bag with a seal you can still use the touchscreen

Bosco Don
Bosco Don

Reply 5 years ago

Hi Downunder35m

Thank you for your input, I appreciate it.

1) I am not going to take the exact same one, it was shown just to give an idea, I definitely will take a better and stronger one.

2) I didnt get it, if this comment saying the box in the pic shown cannot hold the seal then yes I agree but if I get a better one I think there should not be any problem holding seal, to top it off we can use some type of clamps to make it completely tight.

3) Good advice, Ill look for it.

4) Very valid point, I didnt think of it at all. I definitely will keep that in mind.


Reply 5 years ago

Was not aware you only used the images as a reference ;)
But maybe instead designing the entire thing yourself it would be easier to use something like this as a base:

a proper strap should be quite easy and if in doubt a slight wipe with
petroleum jelly on all moving and mating parts should keep a case like
that waterproof in the biggest rafts or waterfalls.
Maybe even adding a mount on the big ship for recording videos?

Bosco Don
Bosco Don

Reply 5 years ago

Yes that seems to be the ideal job.

The only issue was, didnt know what kind of case to go for. Now with your help, I got a basic Idea and then look for more.