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DIYers converting gas powered cars to electric Answered

Yes, you read that right-people at home are converting their regular gas powered cars to electric. They have an average range of 40 miles, which could be doable if you have a short commute or live in town.

Of course, since they are charging them by plugging them into a regular outlet, they aren't really being all that green. You'd have to charge it off solar or wind power to do that. But it's still saving all those nasty car emissions-and it's very cool.

So when do we see an instructable?



11 years ago

Not to burst your bubble... But people have been doing this for ages. Literally. Since the invention of the modern automobile in the early 1900's, people have been converting their cars to battery-power. Although, I'd say it became more popular in the 80s & 90s. Also, just because people plug their car into an outlet to charge it doesn't mean that it's not clean. First of all, having the car run on electricity rather than gas is already a start. Second of all, not all electric companies produce electricity by burning fossil fuels. You mentioned wind turbines; some people get their electricity from wind farms.

Lithium RainLabot2001

Reply 11 years ago

Huh. I didn't know that. Live and learn. :) No, I didn't say it wasn't clean, just that it isn't very green-when you consider that the electricity more than likely was generated using coal or natural gas. But fortunately, hydroelectric, wind and solar are catching on in more areas...

DJ Radio

11 years ago