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DSLR camera raspberry pi help Answered

I was looking to build a raspberry pi canon battery grip (basically this thing: www.davidhunt.ie/raspberry-pi-in-a-dslr-camera/) I have some basic knowledge of the Pi and a reasonable amount of electronics experience, I was just wondering if you guys could help me out with a couple of questions as well as any other details that you think would help me build this:
1) How do you get the image data off the camera using the Pi/ get control of the shutter over USB
2) Is it possible to set up an ad hoc network to monitor and control the camera as well as download the pictures from an android phone or laptop (and how would I do that)
3) Any other ideas for cool things to do if i attach a pi to my camera?
4)The ideal powersource would be one of the canon LP-E8 7.2V batteries, anyone have any insight into a genius DIY connector for one?
5) Could it be used for recording/controling audio to videos? i.e. (http://beachtek.com/dxa-slr-pro/) but obviously more simplified
6) as an additional note, would it be possible to use the camera buttons and screen as the interface for the Pi computer (or at least the screen, so that I dont have to double to effective size by including a screen)

for reference: the camera I have is a canon 600D and the battery grip is the generic type for 500/600D



5 years ago

Just looking at this from his blog post and off the top of my head.

1. read the update he posted on 19 aug 12

2. He used a usb wifi dongle and used shuttersnitch app.

there is also a lot of good information down at the bottom of his page.

guy coop72

5 years ago

Also, just an additional thought, how about some sort of Potentiometer controlled follow focus and zoom