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DXF file sizing/scaling issue. Answered

When a create files to cut with my laser cutter, I create them in InkScape, save them as DXF files, then import them into LaserCut 5.3

Unfortunately, the size of the cut file is not retained.

For instance, if I create a drawing of an object around A6 in size, when I import it into LaserCut it fills the A3 workspace.

Resizing for simple, flat objects isn't a major issue. However, when item cut at different times have to fit together, or, say, slots are sized to the thickness of the material, it gets to be a time-consuming issue, and sometimes wasteful of materials.

Anybody know how to fix this?


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6 years ago

When you open a new file in inscape make sure that you go into "file /document properties" and change the units to the units you are using on your laser cutter, eg mm or inches. not px. you have to do this in 2 places on the screen in inkscape and inscape wont remember, next time you open it you will have to change it again.

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