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Deadlines Answered

I have a question, how come every time it says a contests ends, for example "wear it contest, judging ends Oct 28, 2014"   You guys never actually show the winners until much later? Its Oct 31 and still no sign. I really want to see if the instructable I voted for won! Is my computer just late to get the results or does it take a long time to show the winners? No offense but you guys really should follow your deadlines better. (Please don't think im rude, Im really just wondering why its delayed so much)

Anyway, Thanks for listening to my feedback



4 years ago

I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty certain that the delay is actually at the sponsor's end - since they pay for the contest and the prizes, I guess we'll give them a little leeway on the announcements.


Reply 4 years ago

Yes. I guess so. I wish they would be on time though, Its very irritating.