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Destiny hero yugioh Answered

Hey folks this is my first Instructable, I would like to show you my Yugioh deck obviously my favorite cards are the Destiny Hero archetype. i love to build all sorts of decks for people but I'm not to much of a fan for yugioh Zexal, so  you probably will not see to many zexal cards in my decks. If you need help or tips on how to build a competitive deck  post a comment    I will be adding more decks later

ps put what ever fusions you want in this deck

D hero diamond dude
D hero doom lord
D hero dread master x2
D hero captain tenacious
D hero blade master
D hero dogma
D hero dread servant x2
D hero Plasma (optional)
E hero burstinatrix
E hero avian
E hero bubble man
E hero clayman
E hero blade edge
E hero neos (optional)
Hero kid x3
Blue-eyes white dragon

monster reborn
monster reincarnation
pot of duality x3
pot of avarice
double summon
clock tower prison x2
the warrior returning alive
swords or revealing light
grave keepers servant x3(optional)
MST (mystical space typhoon)
United we stand

D time
D signal
A HERO Emerges x3
Call of the haunted x2


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Destiny Hero105
Destiny Hero105

8 years ago

thanks for the advice about the white stone ill be making a blue eyes deck but i have no idea what to put in besides blue eyes kaibaman and white stone of legend , any ideas?

Marik I.
Marik I.

8 years ago

You know for MST you could've have wrote it out and not have to do the abbreviation lol. You have a nice deck overall but you should add in a white stone of legend to get blue eyes to your hand quicker.