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Device to warn two atv's if they are getting too far away from each other Answered

I'm trying to find a way to warn one atv rider if the other rider is getting too far away.  Basically a device that you could mount on each atv that would have a red light and a green light.  The green light would be on if both riders were like say very close to each other or up to 1/4 mile away.  If the atvs would get more than 1/4 miles from each other a red light would turn on letting the riders know they are getting separated.  Thinking a low power radio transceiver that every 10 seconds or so would send out a signal that the other would pick up so the green light would stay on, if they two radios were out of range and didn't pick up a signal after 20 seconds or so the red light would come on until they got back into range then the green light would come back on.

Basically a warning device to let each other know if they are getting out of range.  An example would be two atvs riding on trails following each other.  If the atv following got stuck, broke down or stopped for any reason the lead rider would be alerted that the other rider is not in range so they could stop and wait or turn around. 

Anyone know a device to do this or an easy way to build one. 


Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

Low power transmitter with a signal strength comparator, so strong or more the green LED lights up, and so strong or less and red LED lights up. You would need two frequencies for each ATV or you could buy a radio dog collar for hunting dogs.