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Dewalt Radio running on batteries of different voltage, would you see a change in performance? Answered

I want to buy the Dewalt Radio (DC011) which can run on many different size Dewalt batteries. My question is will the radio be louder, run longer, or experience no change in performance if it runs on an 18-volt battery opposed to a 12-volt battery?



Best Answer 10 years ago

. It will probably play longer with the 18 V, but there are a lot of variables. The performance of the radio and amplifier will probably be exactly the same (hard to tell for sure without a schematic).


Answer 10 years ago

@ author: Yeah - its all dependent on the amp-hour rating of the batteries themselves, and whether the radio truly converts the higher voltage or just burns it off to a lower usable power level - not just the voltage of the batteries. a similarly sized 18v battery and 12v battery would have similar total power, just the 18v would be able to sink that power faster - although usually 18v batteries are larger than their smaller (in both ways) counterparts. Louder? no - the power will be converted down to be the same internal voltage inside the radio Last longer? Maybe - but again, depends on the battery itself.