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Dirtmobile? Answered

So I got this awesome idea to make a trike with a snowmobile donor. Use the snowmobiles motor and track for the rear "wheel", and a gokart style front end, with 2 wheels, spindles, maybe suspension, etc.  Nothing too big, maybe 400cc or less. 2 stroke of course =D.

I am proficient in fabricating, welding, and have a full auto shop worth of tools, so the actual construction shouldn't be a problem.

However, I need to know some things about the snowmobile drive train. 
Would the track itself work on dirt, light mud, light puddles (2-4 inches deep), and maybe some sand?
If not, are there any tracks available for such terrain?
Do most snow mobiles have the engine mounted infront of seat, below, or behind?

This thing looks wicked cool in my mind. 

OH, heres a good way to put it. Like a snowbike (Dirt bike with tracks in back), with two front wheels. Or a honda ATC with tracks flipped rear/front.



5 years ago

The track can work on dirt, mud ect., as long as you have at least 1/2 inch of paddle you should be fine in the puddles,


6 years ago

That is absolutely amazing! Good luck!