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Distortion Pedal - Need a little help! Answered

 Hello all. I am in need of some help!!


This is a 'schematic' of a distortion pedal for guitars
In this specific picture it shows how to install a BYPASS SWITCH.
I'm having trouble with it, when i turn the switch on i get nice distorted sound.....when i turn the switch off i get NO sound. (i should be having lean guitar sound instead)
I hooked up everything perfectly. Still problems.

What can I do so that when I turn the switch off I will get clean sound? 

Any suggestions? 

Thank you.


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8 years ago

The DPDT switch that your using looks something like my diagram below on the inside. The slider will connect the right side middle pin with the upper or lower right side pins, and the left side middle pin with the upper or lower left pins. With the loop connecting the lower pins and the switch in the down position it allows the distortion to pass through. So you can kid of see how its not working.

All you need is a simple SPST switch. It will have 3 pins on it. Connect the center pin with the input jack. Then put the wire from the output jack on one of the outside pins and the distortion wire on the other. Or you can use your existing switch the same way and ignore one side of pins.

DPDT switch.jpg

Reply 8 years ago

I just tried it and it worked!!! I was relieved to hear the clean sound after so many days of trying. Thank you for the explanation on why my original wiring was wrong - I spent some time figuring that out as well. Although i'm still a bit confused as to how the wiring works (for both the original and the new). I'm still a beginner to this field.

The clean sound seems to be low, but that's just fine with me. I may have to add something in the board to broaden the clean sound.

Thanks again, I had a feeling i wouldn't get a response, but you came through!!