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Diy soldering flux Answered

quick question regarding diy soldering flux can i use gum rosin to make the flux



1 year ago

I think electronic slder flux is pine sap. not sure

Jack A LopezToga_Dan

Answer 1 year ago

I think it is a component of pine tree sap. The introductory paragraph to the Wikipedia article on, "Rosin",


suggests there is some kind of heating step, and the rosin is the higher boiling components that remain.

It kind of makes me wonder if the more volatile components get used for something else.

Like maybe for that floor-washing solution that smells like, "a Carolina pine forrest"?



1 year ago

About Solder;
Hospitals, the military and I all Hate lead free solder it cracks, it ages and cracks again,
it is hard to tin a solder tip, it is Bad News for reliable electronics.
Avoid it unless you have to sell to so called government protected but abused consumers.

I have been using tin-lead solder over 50 say 54 years and
a some few politicians have not made me ill or lead poisoned me in any way..

About Rosin Cores;

The very best solder with Five built in rosin cores was a wonderful UK solder.

Obviously each of the 5 cores was made different and then when a solder tip allowed chemically ingredients to mixing they created a super rosin that made perfect solder joints for every user, and the wafting aroma was really really inviting. I still have some in my shop...

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Maybe. The proof is in the melt. Try soldering with it, and observe whether or not it helps the melting and flowing, and also observe the quality of resulting solder joints.