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Does anyone have any info or resources that can help me with ODE's and Frobenius' theorem? Answered

I'm studying Frobenius' theorem in school and am having trouble understanding my foreign teacher. His method differs from the one in the book, and I'm having trouble with that too. Most of the examples I've found on the net have been special cases like Bessel's equations or ones that can be solved with Fuch's theorem. (series solutions about an ordinary point, within a radius of convergence) What I'm having trouble with is EQ's that involve series solutions about regular singular points I plan on writing an instructable to decipher how to do this once I understand it better (teaching others helps me learn much faster) so any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Answer 12 years ago

yeah, i have them on my desk as we speak. I did figure it out, so if any1 else needs help with it, let me know. Thanks though.