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Does the book called getting started with arduino teach you the arduino programming language? Answered

I know this seems like a stupid question but the google preview wasn't that clear so does getting started with arduino teach you the ardunio programming language or not, I think it does but I'm not sure ?



Best Answer 9 years ago

The answer is yes and no, The book is a really good overview and covers basic programming commands, kinda short though. The programming language is C with a wrapper arround it to make some of the functions alot easier (LIB-AVRC) to be exact on the flavour of C. If your looking for documentation regarding the programming language directly your best bet is the reesources at arduino.cc. As the language has commands added in every revision, it will always be the most current.

kiss my donkey

9 years ago

Okay thank you would you recommend any other books to learn the language?