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Does the skin effect apply to pulsed DC? Answered

I am building a DC Tesla coil and I want to know if my primary coil will still need to have thick wires or tubing if the skin effect doesn't apply to DC electricity?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I am assuming by DC you mean that the primary cap will be charged with DC to the point where a spark gap fires. This case is not really much different than the more typical case where the primary is connected to the AC output of a high voltage transformer.

When the spark gap fires, the primary circuit "rings" at its natural frequency. The current waveform is an exponentially decaying sine wave, at the natural frequency. The initial current is very high, possibly hundreds of amps depending on the size of your system.

If what I described sound like what you are attempting, then you will still need a primary constructed out of larger wire or tubing.


8 years ago

Going to depend on how fast you are pulsing your "DC"
What's a DC Tesla coil ? A Tesla coil is, by definition a high frequency system.