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Effective learning Answered

These days, internet is being used considerably by students as well as by the teachers. I think, moving towards electronic books and materials will help the students to learn better.Huge amount of college funds are spent on books and other study material. In addition to this, they have to be carried all around campus. The relationship between students and the existing study materials is getting difficult. So it makes sense, for the teachers and students alike to look for alternatives.Taking a step forward in this direction, I have started using electronic flashcards in my classroom. We use a website called http://www.funnelbrain.com to create electronic flashcards which includes video, photos,audio and text related to the study materials. It creates an environment for students to have an interactive experience and also with its collaborative approach helps students memorize and learn better.


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11 years ago

This comment doesn't seem to be asking a question, or even inviting much dscussion, so could be seen as spam (especially given that it's your first post). Do you have any further links about, for instance, the best ways to use flashcards in a learning environment, suggestions on how to best distil complex subject matter into flashcards, or any other resources?