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Electrical Circuit Help Answered

I would like to make the LEDs in the pre-wired controller in the first picture shown blink to music using the formula in the second.  I was thinking that I would need to leave the +/- coming out of the controller on different power than the LED strips this way you have constant power to the controller and therefore the remote to control the colors.  Anyone know how I can incorporate this?



7 years ago

I think you may need to hack the controller itself. It seems you have an RGB LED strip and those are controlled by different methods depending if the LEDs are individually addressed or if they have a tiny chip for each set of LEDs.


Reply 7 years ago

Thats what I figured and when I opened up the controller it was covered in some kind of black adhesive. I heated and scraped most of it off and ended up prying off one of the components(left arrow) and diconnecting the +12v wire(right arrow, no big deal here) but this is what it looks like inside. Any idea of how to do this now?