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Electrolosis/ electroplating? Answered

I am interested in recycling computers to recover the valuable metals (gold, silver, mercury etc) and I was wondering if I place a bunch of computer conectors and fingers in a copper sulphate solution and ran electrolosis with a copper electrode, would it selectively transfer the copper, leaving the other metals behind. If so it would reduce the amount of acid needed to refine the gold.


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8 years ago

There was a bloke who rented space in an Air Force building from Bill Lear
in the desert air strip and melted old computer cards and buss plains to a slurry that he separated various ways. 
i remember him because he gave me a plastic 5 gal bucket of glass diodes 
some were backwards marked and I'm still using them today :-)

Any way FBI is still looking for him and the reputed Palladium brick he left 
with and left the clean up to Lear's staff !!! !!!