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Electronic Level Answered

I need to level a 32' long machine. Lengthwise is easy, but along it's width is a pain. I have to check in about 8 places along the machine. This takes awhile to do with only one precision level. Since these levels are about $120 each it is not realistic to buy eight. I need to save time and effort. I was thinking of trying to build a bunch of electronic levels to place in their designated areas so I can find the "level" of each area without moving a level to it. Any ideas?



11 years ago

You could build digital levels, but how are you going to calibrate them? If you use stock components (10% resistors, as one example), then your precision is going to be limited (to first order) by the precision of those components.

It may be more expensive (in terms of the components you need to use, or in terms of your time to build, validate, and calibrate) to do it yourself than to use commercial components. A reason high-quality levels are so expensive is that they use high-precision components and are shipped with a guaranteed calibration.

McMaster-Carr sells a 6" digital level for $120, as you say. But they also sell I-beam level "bases" for about $20 each. You can use multiple bases (mounted along your machine) and simply attach the one expensive unit to each one for readout. See page 2254 of their catalog.