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Electrovibrations Answered


A while ago i read about electorvibration to create tactile feedback on a conductive surface. It sounds very interesting and i'd like to experiment with it. 

After some reading (http://www.disneyresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/teslatouchuist2010.pdf) I found that all you basically have to do is send a sinusoidal wave through a conductive surface. This can be and amplified DC signal. In the paper they talk about a Vpp (peak to peak voltage) of 120V at a current of 0.5mA and a 80- 400hz. frequency. My question is:

How to amplify a generated sinusoidal signal (0-5V, 80-400 hz.) to a signal of 0 -120V and limit the current to 0.5 mA so i can use it for some experimentation?




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