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Engineering Fellowship Answered

re:char seeks an entrepreneurial engineer ready to change the world.
You'll be working with our 5-person team, operating out of a shipping container workshop of our own (evolving) design.
A willingness to work on a start-up schedule and ability to live, full-time, in Kenya is essential.

-BS in a technical field or beyond-equivalent work experience.
-A willingness and desire to spend extended periods of time working in developing countries
-Experience with the following techniques: welding, 3d design, fabrication, improvisation
-Interest in and familiarity with low-cost design principles for bottom of the pyramid customers

Ideal candidates will also possess the following:
-Experience/interest in agricultural technologies
-Familiarity with biochar/charcoal production technologies
-Familiarity with combustion/fuel chemistry

Some of the more interesting tools you'll have 24/7 access to include:
-4'x4' plasmacam cnc, with parts to build several DIY cnc setups ordered
-multiple welding processes (tig, oxy, arc, spot)
-extensive metalworking and woodworking equipment

This fellowship will last for 6-12 months; a strong performer may then be offered a long-term, equity position
**This position is paid, with a small stipend + expenses**
**You should only apply if you care more about making awesome stuff than rolling in piles of money**

To apply, email me ( luke@re-char.com ) the following:
1. Your resume
2. An explanation of why you want this job
3. 1 picture each and a 1-sentence description of the 3 things you've built of which you are most proud
4. A description of one thing you'd want to build in the shipping container shop and sell to customers in developing countries



Ma Barley

7 years ago

Please contact me in Roatan, Honduras. Not about the job for me but rather to explore some impact possibilities. Please include a copy of the above info when/if you do, thanks.

Ma Barley


8 years ago

Neat project, Luke! Keep us posted about how it goes.
Hopefully someone from Instructables will jump on the chance to help you out.

(Note to potential applicants: Luke is pretty awesome. You want to work with him.)


8 years ago

awesome! very creative! all the best!


8 years ago


This would be a brilliant highlight for a CV or resumé.