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Extend WiFi antenna for Lenovo netbook S10 that is WiFi enabled Answered

I'll be in a rental apt. in Barcelona and want to extend my WiFi range. Also total newbie to WiFi. Purchased a Lenovo S10 with built-in WiFi. Read Wambat7's "kitchen strainer" suggestion at:

Given that my S10 is WiFi enabled can I still try Wombat7's suggestion and buy an external USB wireless Network Adapter to try for extended antenna range? Will my netbook automatically 'deal' with both built-in and exernal WifFi adapters and use the one with best antenna reach?

If the above is a no go because my S10 has internal WiFI is there any way to extend antenna reach for the S10's built-in wireless adapter?


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12 years ago

You can use an external USB wireless adapter even though you have an internal one. You just have to remember to disable the internal antenna before you plug in your USB adapter or the laptop 'll get confused.

But yes, the above is a no go with your built in wifi.

You can buy buy a usb wireless adapter and install it on you laptop as long as you disable your internal wifi first(device manager/manage network connections). And as long as your usb adapter has an external antenna, like this one,
You can also buy properly marketed replacement antennas(the black stick thing) that simply screw onto the adapter, that have a higher signal gain. Both this type, and a non-antenna usb adapter can be used with the instructable your linked to.
I have both a non-antenna usb adapter and one with an antenna. An aluminum foil pie plate with the non-antenna usb wifi poked in the middle boosted it's signal by 30 feet in one direction. And I got a 50 foot gain somehow by using a wooden bowl that I glued aluminum foil to on the inside, and drilling a hole in the bottom for the antenna.