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External Hard Drive enclosure for eSATAp connection Answered

Hey, I want to buy a Power over eSATA kit (aka eSATAp) to use with 3.5inch internal hard drives (which are cheaper and faster than laptop 2,5inch drives). I'll be using it on desktop computers on and off, so the higher power consumption of desktop drives is not the issue.

Thing is, I want to enclose the internal 3.5inch hard disk in something, for transport. Some case that leaves room for the cable connection (see GIF).
Does anyone know if I can adapt existing SATA hard disk enclosures? Or if there is some boxy-thingy out there that I can best adapt to suit my purpose? I was looking for an instructable on this but couldn't find any.



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7 years ago

Dear akaleeroy,

I am trying to do the same exact thing. And I cannot believe how much esatap is marketed but unsupported. There are barely any products for it. I come from trying to use a 5 bay enclosure, etc. After all the headaches I am disgusted with trying to use enclosure, port multipliers and getting no where.

So here I am trying to use native SATA, there is nothing better. But I need it to be external and stackable. I also refuse to use enclosures, I WILL NOT have any chips in between disks and computer, they disgust me.

Here is my plan:

1. esatap bracket. Impossible to find but here are two options.
Nice but way too expensive with USA shipping.
Going to settle for this one
Hopefully I can NOT plug in the USB header, I'm not risking any extra crap. By hopefully, I mean I hope the 5v is pulled from the power cable, not the usb header, I won't know until I get it.

2. esatap cables. Not as difficult to find but assortment sucks.
Probably getting the last one due to 3ft length.

3. "enclosure"

This solution should be epic. Native SATA, no bs chips ruining things, limited to motherboard SATA (8 for me), nice ventilated disks, reliable efficient power from PSU, turns off with computer, can boot. VERY CHEAP.

Cons, no lights, no real enclosure. Really wish I could find a esatap enclosure with no chips or circuit board. I found something close but it had an "analog" throughput meter, staying far far away from anything with a chip or circuit board inside.


Reply 7 years ago

Thanks for contributing the info, you've been really helpful! Good point about not wanting chips between computer and disk.

All the best!


Reply 7 years ago

Had to go with this one, still don't know if it will come. Memory depot had no stock.


9 years ago

Alright then, thanks for the link!