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Extraordinary online idea competition for a more sustainable future Answered

How can we make the future of our planet more sustainable?

This is the question the GREEN IDEATION QUEST is addressing in an extraordinary virtual idea competition. Become an active part and let yourself be inspired of various creative and immersive tasks until March 20 2009. The quest is partly taking place in the virtual world of Second Life and partly on a web platform.

To participate go directly to the Second Life Location http://tiny.cc/ySTJs or visit the competitions web platform at http://hyvebox.de/secondlife/. Within Second Life you can join the group 'Ideation Quest' for updates or send an Instant Message to Rein Spire for support.

All ideas resulting from the competition are licensed under a creative commons agreement and for every completed quest the University of Innsbruck donates Eur 5, - to
'Light for the world' helping children in developing countries to restore their eyesight (http://www.light-for-the-world.at/)!


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