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Flashlights Answered

I am going to buy a new high powered tactical flashlight. What is the best light you know of. I dont really care about price within some reason. I will use it for search and rescue (scouts), camping, general use, and possibly swimming/diving. Can you recommend a good one.



5 years ago

I agree with some of the other guys, SureFire lights are awesome


10 years ago

Tactical flashlight?

Are you planning on spotting Zeppelins? Transfixing U-boats?


Reply 9 years ago

That wouldn't be Led Zeppelins, would it?


9 years ago

SureFire, most of their lights have excellent distance, superior design, hard anodized finish, as for their incandecent lights they are excellent but sacrifice battery life to 1 hour or 30 minutes depending on what lamp you use, their incandecent lamps are made with high strength tungestun steel and filled with xenon gas, they get quite hot so dont leave the activated light unattended (personal experiance) their l.e.d. lights are better than their incandecent lights because of their exended battery life and lower heat and leds almost never burn out as incandecent lamps may break when dropped or left on for extended time, their lights are waterproof to 3 metres submerged continous so i would recomend a led light with a tir lens and long life so the models would be, Stratum, Z2-s combatlight, or an 6p led, Unominame


10 years ago

I got one of them GI flashlights, its pretty durable runs off of 2 D batteries, It isnt as bright as one of them high speed surefire flashlights but I only paid 6 bucks for it. Its big and cheap so you wont be so upset if you lost it or if some punk decides to steal. And its so big you can find it easily in your rucksack at night. They cost about 6 bucks brand new


10 years ago

Are there any true expedition camping suppliers/stores around you, or pro dive shops. They are usually staffed with old salts or mountain climbers that can recommend something. Are you looking for a helmet light, hand-held lantern, or flashlight? There are military surplus flashlights like the standard right-angle multi-color lens one that is good for general use. Best to try them out if you can to see how well they focus or their ease of use and durability. Good luck.