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Front page change, again. Answered

I see my front page has changed again.  Not as drastic as last time.
Now maybe I'm getting too set in my ways, but I like the way the front page was.  It suited me.
Now I have the Classes and Feed showing.
The Classes I don't mind so much, except that I have to scroll past them to get to Featured which is what I want to look at first.
The Feed, well now I get "Your feed is empty! Get more inspiration every day by following your favorite channels." .  YES it is because I don't use it.

I don't want to deprive others of features on the front page that they might want, but I would like to have the front page appear for me the way I like.

I have asked this last time and I will ask again.  Why can't these front page features be selectable by the member?  Even be able to reorder them?



2 years ago

Most of the views on the homepage come from non-members, so I can see why they put the classes.

Feed? I have https://www.instructables.com/feed/ , which is great for me, since I follow several hundred members. Almost half of the content that I see there is relevant for me, which is the highest on the whole site.

However, I would think that the classes that are shown on the homepage should be only for people that aren't members (not logged in). If you're a member, you're getting notified for new classes with three different emails, and that's only email.


They want you to follow people. Customizing it would be great. Even something like "This week's most (top3/4/5) popular I'bles" would be cool too.


2 years ago

Looks like someones updating things again, also have you noticed the explore button doesn't work on home page and if your in the forums?