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Fun Halloween pics to share. Answered

A few Halloween pics from this year..

The image note making function isn't working, so I'll just explain here..

1: A spooky spread on a bloodsoaked (99cent) tablecloth
2: Haunted Gingerbread house. I hate it when people say these things are 'too pretty to eat'.. That's what we made it for!!
3: Crunchy Cats! Tortillas cut out with cookie cutters, spread with sunflower oil and crisped in an oven.. Dip in a selection of goopy dips, and enjoy! (These felines are sooooo addicting!)
4: Spooky Orange flavoured cupcakes!! Oops, I took the photo after I ate one. whoops.
5: Witch's Broom PB Cookies with pretzel broomsticks. The salt and sweet flavours together are divine.
6: The ice Queen and the Monkey. We should have taken photos for an indestructible on that hair and makeup. It was great!
7: My wife's ice queen makeup close up
8: "Phantom of the Paradise".. No helmet pics just yet.. They're at work.
9: Phantom and Monkey
10 & 11: Two Shots of a Mr. Tumnus costume I made for my friend Dave.

It's been a fun Halloween. I have tons more fun photos!!


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11 years ago

Love the tablecloths dripping blood. I found a Zombie brains cupcakes recipe on craftster..org. They would have looked great on it!!