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Get rid of Poison Oak? Answered

I have been working turning a huge stump into a bird paradise and i saw some poison oak on it. Is there a way to safely remove all of it?



5 years ago

Here are a few approaches:

1) Vinegar can be used as a biodegradable weed killer, and I found that it does kill small weeds. Never tried it on poison oak, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

2) Gloves, hazmat suit, trashbags. Pull the poison oak out, roots and all, and then put it in the bag and seal tight. Then throw away whatever you are wearing and don't allow it to touch you.

3) Burning. Usually not a good idea, especially since the smoke it poisonous. But with the right amount of heat, you can kill the plant without actually causing it to burn.

4) Goats. If you wanted to go all out war on the poison oak, find a person who will let you borrow a goat. For some reason, goats just LOVE to eat poison oak. And it doesn't harm them at all.


7 years ago

No need to remove it unless you are planning on climbing the stump yourself - poison oak provides valuable shelter to birds.


Answer 7 years ago

well, since i am working on it i don't want to let some of the poison oak rub against me while i am working on it


Answer 7 years ago


Too often people kill off things that really have no need to be killed off and have beneficial properties outside of human contact.