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Giant Lazy Susan for acrobatics. Answered

I do something called Partner Acrobatics. If you want to see what it looks like here is a video.

This is me and my girlfriend. I got my Mavic Air to rotate around us which was pretty cool but for my next project I want to put her and I on a motorized lazy Susan. Then I could have a stationary camera and Debbie and I spin. I have looked for some sort of large lazy Susan which I could just buy and use right out of the box but so far have not been able to find anything. I will have to make something and I don't have a lot of fabrication experience. I was hoping people in the instructable community could put me in the right direction. I have tools: table saw, skill saw, routers, hand tools, etc. I need a finished product which can hold at least 400 lbs. I want the lazy susan to be turned by an electric motor. The speed needs to be variable because some moves and slow and others fast. I want to get an effect where the base spins and the flyer is still.


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1 year ago

I would go with castor wheels and structural plywood.
Size either what still fits into your vehicle or using hinges to fold the parts small.
If it is a more permant thing on your property then maby some old wheel hub as a base on the ground with the plate on top.
Rotation can be obtained by using some old cement mixer for the gear ring and motor or just a friction drive that presses onto the wooden plate.