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Green Sled Design Challenge Answered

If you have a good idea for a sled built mostly from recycled materials and you happen to live in or close to New Hampshire, then you should check out the Green Sled Design Challenge. Each sled entered must be built from at least 90% recycled materials. The last 10% is for all the stuff that you need to hold it together that would be tough to find in the scrap pile.

If you're interested, register quickly since it all goes down March 7.

Prizes include:
  • Best Overall
  • Best Aesthetics Award
  • Best Performance Award
  • Greenest Award: Judges will weigh criteria such as materials selection, design for disassembly, etc. Be creative and create a low-impact sled!
Link via Core77


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12 years ago

A little late for this, isn't it? All the snow around here is melting already. That said, I'd make the sled by laminating sheets of cardboard together. It would, of course, be recycled cardboard. The only other material used would be glue - and maybe some paint.