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HDMI converter request Answered

So what do those of us with old surround sound receivers with no HDMI inputs that we either don't want to part with because in every other way they are just awesome pieces of equipment or we simply can't afford to replace them do?
It seems that no one sells an affordable, quality HDMI to RCA converter that can easily go between modern components like Blu-ray players and older receivers.  So what can we pirate one from and what would be the best way to do it?
Ideally it would split out all the surround channels or convert to a single digital RCA cable.  I'm more concerned about sound, because TVs wear out and get replaced faster than receivers, so odds are we have an HDMI ready TV.  I don't object to video as part of the project, it just isn't necessary (for me).




3 years ago

Personally all my equipment goes through a selector or directly into the TV inputs. Then i take the audio output from the TV to the sound system. Then i don't have to flip through multiple inputs on multiple devices to get things going. Nor do i have to worry about aditional cables running everywhere.


3 years ago

The Toslink rang a bell and I dragged out a decade old Yamaha surround receiver (excellent unit in its day and still not bad today). Sure enough, it has a battery of Toslink inputs. Enough to connect the Blu-ray, cable and pretty much anything else I can think of. Don't even need an adapter. Woo-hoo!


3 years ago

Most modern devices offer an optical output.
The connection is called "Toslink" and you can get relatively cheap and reasonably good RCA converters for those.
Going down from HDMI to RCA is always really costly.
Especially if you need one for each device or a module that automatically switches the input where necessary.
In most cases investing in a modern amp comes cheaper here.
Just one of the first hits from Ebay to give you an example:


Of course with multiple devices you still need multiple converters and if not enough RCA inputs on the amp also a RCA switch box.