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[HELP] Rapid Fire Mod For wireless mouse Answered


I have followed this instructable HERE but i cant get it to work.

My mouse is a logitech M310 1.5v
I have purchased a LMC555CN that work with 1.5v but i will still not work.. any help will be appreciated :-)



6 years ago

Hi there,

I never knew 1.5v 555 timers existed! looks like it does.
So if you look at this image... https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FD6/17O5/FM2KBH0E/FD617O5FM2KBH0E.MEDIUM.jpg
The output of pin 3 is just a straight up square wave signal. Maybe you can try connecting that signal to the base of a transistor?
Then connect the collector and emitter to where the mouse button switch is supposed to be?
Finding out where to connect the collector and base might be difficult, so just try both ways and see if it works.


7 years ago

i have read all the comments and used another schematics that was in the comments.
hmm you may be right that this hack dont work on this mouse anymore..


7 years ago

Did you read and process all of the comments in that instructable? Seems the schematics were unclear and fixes were discussed. It is also a few years back so newer wireless mouse technology might not be compatible with that hack.