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Hands-on Weekend Algaculture Workshop Answered

October 18-19, 2008

@ The Algae Lab in Berkeley, CA
algaelab.org: a component of The Shipyard / All Power Labs

It's a fact. Food, fuel, fertilizer, fresh water, and arable land --
all are running out. But there is a crop that can grow in salt water,
on true waste land, creating all the products we need by eating
greenhouse gases and water water. And can grow 100x faster than
conventional crops. Algae! A truly green crop for a sustainable

We are the Shipyard algae lab community. We have created the world's
first community algae lab -- for development of open source,
DIY-oriented algae technology, to facilitate the co-operative pursuit
of this new form of agriculture -- and we invite *you* to come learn
how to raise algae and transform them into exciting products!

Whether you are looking for a job in the exploding algae biofuels
field, or thinking about creating your own farm, we can help you get
up to speed! We have created an independent, non-profit algae
laboratory for teaching and research using low-cost, widely-available
materials, and we qould love to teach you how! Get on board with this
exciting, expanding field that's truly "green"!

Over the course of the weekend we will teach you:

  • The current state of algae farming technology, and where it's headed,
  • What algae are interesting, and for what purposes,
  • How to obtain algae strains,
  • How to figure out the right nutrients for your algae,
  • How to design and build effective ponds and bio-reactors,
  • How to "grow out" your algae into a full-sized pond or bio-reactor,
  • How to monitor the health of your algae, and
  • How to harvest your algae and make them into food, fuel, and fertilizer!

All levels of experience and expertise are welcome. Graduates are
eligible to become members of our lab and to use its facilities.

October 18 & 19th, 11am - 6pm
1010 Murray St, Berkeley, CA 94710
$150 per participant
more info: [www.algaelab.org algaelab.org]
contact: workshop@algaelab.org



10 years ago

Sounds awesome !! have fun and post some pics or stories !!


10 years ago

Is it possible to make bio fuels out af algae?


Reply 10 years ago

Yep- you can extract a veggie-oil-like substance out of them to make biodiesel, and Sir Richard Branson (owner of Virgin and all-round entrepreneurial guy) is investing huge amounts of money into researching making aviation fuel from algae.


Reply 10 years ago

Kind of dumb, if it can be sprayed through the engine's fuel system it's fine until you get fuels that will consistently exceed certain temperatures, turbo props tend to be easier since they're often smaller, but jet engines are capable of burning any liquid fuel... It may mean slight changes to the engine but if they added variable fuel injectors inside the engines and pump systems with the capacity for different fuels it'd work...


10 years ago

Awesome. I wish I could do it.


10 years ago

Wow, that sounds very interesting! This would also be a great source for info on science fairs. I won first prize with one about uh....eutrophization...or ....something like that. It's when algae suck up all the oxygen in water.......


10 years ago

Sweet- now I can get my [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paranoia_(role-playing_game) salt and vinegar algae chips] :)