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Has the Group Sponsorship Program closed down??? Answered

Hello All,
One of the most awesome programs I've seen in the past was the sponsorship program.  And it was one of my pitch points for why we should have a hackerspace here in town.  Now that we have one, I've been looking around the site for the program and all the links to it have been taken offline.  Has it been cancelled???

Thanks for the time and hope to hear from you soon!
Clint LeClair, Pres. of RiverCityLabs.org


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Hi Clint! It sounds like your space would be perfect for our build night program. Every month (sometimes every other month) we partner with companies that make cool products and/or materials to send to makerspaces. Past partners include: Dremel, littleBits, Sugru, Bare Conductive, Jameco, Lumi, Voltaic Systems and Cool Neon. The program has been around for a year and has been a really big success.

You can see some of the event announcements here:




If you're interested in participating you can sign up for our mailing list here:


Let me know if you have any more questions!!


6 years ago

Yes. It is surprisingly hard to give away expensive tools. The time commitment from HQ was way out of proportion to the return in the form of published Instructables. It was risky and expensive, and we just couldn't support the program any longer. The uncertainty and significant time commitment was the program's death knell. (It officially died more than a year ago.)

We still want to support hackerspaces, but we can't justify sending out thousands of dollars in tools in the hopes that it'll turn into enough projects to break even. And it felt disingenuous to ask spaces to build 10+ projects in advance when there was a chance that their request would be denied.