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Hello, need help with a drone Answered

Hello people.. Need help with a drone. I would like to hear if someone knows something about ONAGOfly: The Smart Nano Drone..
I found something on https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/onagofly-the-smart-nano-drone--2#/ this site, and I am interested if someone can tell me something more about this.. It's a new one, and i think it's even not in the production, but still..

Hope someone will talk to me about this topic. :)


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5 years ago

Well it's one of the countless quadcopters available on sale, it's compact, it's got GPS and all but like all products like that, don't expect a military high performance professional drone, one thing I'd say is that the cam seems to be great (Sony 15Mpix still and 1080p 30fps).

The big problem I'would point out however is the silly Control distance: 30m over wifi.

It's mainly a toy + a camera to take pictures and have fun, nothing more