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House hold heating? Answered

Like most UK houses my thermostat is in the coldest part of the house - The entrance hall.

Although I have recently fitted thermostatic valves fitted to all radiators I can't help but feel the heating would be more effective if I simply controlled the temperature in the room we spend most time in during the evening- The lounge. I guess this would mean the rest of the house would be cooler than at present but that isn't really a problems for us.

Is there any reason, anyone knows, not to do this?

Has anyone gone down the smart thermostat route?


New high efficiency condensing boiler
Thermostatic radiator valves through the house
High level of insulation to walls and roof.
Double glazing all round in PVC frames.


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Don't the valves on each individual radiator give you that control already? Maybe you want a more convenient way to adjust those valves?


Answer 6 years ago

As yet I don't actually know - They were only fitted recently and the weather has been warm so the heating hasn't been on at all. Perhaps Ill see how it goes.


6 years ago

You may not be as paranoid as others, but since you mention nest by name i have to point out that it was all over the internet about hacking them a while ago:


So be very careful if you opt for an internet/network device for this.