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How can I get C&C Tiberium Wars for a Mac? Answered

I poked around the internet a bit, and it seems that the mac version of the game is not actively produced anymore, and is a bit more than I feel like spending. I heard about a trick that could turn a windows program into a disk image, but I don't know if it will work. Any advice is appreciated, except advice such as "get a PC."

I would rather not install windows on my mac, either. I own an Intel Macbook Pro 15 inch.



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10 years ago

The only advice you can possibly be given is to use Windows. You can't turn a Windows installation into a Mac one, it just doesn't work that way -- just like you can't play a Genesis game on a SNES.

Your options:
1 - Get a PC
2 - Install Windows
3 - Try to find a Mac version
4 - Be a pirate (I think it's a fair solution if they don't give the option to buy it)