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How can I get a ventilator to suck air from a smoke machine and trap the smoke? Answered

 Hi, I`m making a 2meter laser etched cardboard dinamic sculpture face of a girl inhaling smoke with a smoke machine on the mouth, and I want to imitate this inhaling effect!:

 2 Q> what can I use to get the "nose" to absorb the smoke? :

 {"A fan or blower can be used to suck the vapor in. Then if you have a long enough duct or large enough chamber let the vapor evaporate/dissipate. You can also run it through a furnace filter to help condense the water vapor faster. "}

https://www.rolight.nl/Home/Webshop/effect/rookmachine/EFNELOQ20/Look-viper-S-DMX-met-2liter-regular-fog I got the fog machine

2.1 Q> -I am looking for a strong fan or blower that sucks the air in like a nose (and some machine that traps the smoke particles coming from the smoke machine), but What am I looking for more specifically?



1 year ago

I would get a few cheap hair dryers, toss out the heating elements, and steal their fan motors. They are very powerful. Mount them in a piece of plastic pipe with a bit of ducting on both sides to direct the flow of "inhaled" smoke.

Look at places like Goodwill or Salvation army for older hairdryers, or get sheap ones on amazon.

Jack A Lopezilpug

Reply 1 year ago

This is not a bad idea.

Although I would add: the act of tossing out the heating elements, will necessitate some other DC power supply for the fan motors, because in the typical cheap (sheap? sheep?) hair dryer, the motor is powered by a kind of cheap-and-dirty rectifier circuit, that actually uses the hair dryer's heating elements as a kind of voltage-divider, for to limit voltage to the motor. The actual power used by the fan motor is DC, and has magnitude of, I am guessing, approximately, (10 volts)* (1 ampere) =10 watts.

I mean, this kind of motor, the motor itself, is brushed, permanent magnet, DC.


You can make this kind of motor run at a wide range of speeds, depending on how much voltage you feed to it.

Yonatan24Jack A Lopez

Reply 1 year ago

Yup. That's what I saw when I took one apart. And I think most are also pretty loud...

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Heh. You said, "suck". So, like, you want to find a fan motor that really sucks! The more it sucks, the better! Amirite?


You know what else sucks? The fact that you asked this same dumb question a week ago, here:


But you know, feel free to keep littering this forum with the same question asked over and over again, in slightly different ways, until you get, or don't get, an answer that you like.

By the way, I read somewhere that Bill Clinton, a former president of the former United States, "had a nose like a vacuum cleaner."


I'm not totally sure what that means, or if it is relevant to your question, but the stories are out there, for anyone willing to search for them.


1 year ago

You need:
1. A big chamber to hold the smoke.
2. A fan mounted in the pipe from the nose to the storage chamber.
3. A thicker pipe going to the mouth.
4. A large enough opening for the mouth to allow for a very slow airflow.
5. A way to control the fan speed.

The fan can be a tiny 5V GPU fan try to avoid big models, 5 by 5 cm is enough and allows for the easy use of clear PVC hoses.
Bit tricky to mount a square fan inside a round hose so if doubt mount it inside the storage chamber under the hose connection from the nose.
Make sure the airflow direction is going inside the chamber!
When the fan works the small diameter nose openings will cause a very high air speed going inside - good to get you smoke back ;)
It pays off to have some straight pipe inside the nose to point directly at the lips.
Due to the much bigger opening for the mouth the airspeed will be quite slow and the smoke comes out gently.
Key is to have the right fan speed and diameter for the nose openings, so try to allow for the mounting of different diameter pipe ending in the nose.
E.g.: Use a big diameter pipe to start with and if not fast enough use a pipe you slide into the first one.