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How can I improve my self-esteem/self-confidence? Answered

I have tried the books, the mental excercises, but either I am too stubborn or just lack the ability to have confidence, mostly when talking to women. What can I do?


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11 years ago

Hey; I find that the most reliable way is to get some exercise. I have always been a very scrawny guy, but when I walk out of the gym after lifting, I feel like the Hulk. Physically nothing has changed, but it definitely improves the mental image of how you see yourself. This image is something that you then project when you interact with people, so it changes how other people see you too. When I am regularly running or lifting weights, I feel positive and confident. When I am lethargic, the opposite holds true. There is actually science behind this, a phenomenon known as "runner's high". Strenuous exertion causes the pituitary gland to release endorphins, the brains natural feel-good drug. Endorphins have a whole range of beneficial effects, from euphoria to pain blocking. They also have been found to improve self-esteem. If you have not tried this already, I would highly recommend it. If motivation becomes a problem, find a running buddy or sign up for a local road race. As for talking to women... with improved confidence, maybe it will be easier. Not sure if this is what you were asking, but I hope it helps. P.S. If you do it long enough, theres the added bonus of an improved physique! Definitely doesn't hurt...