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How can I make an air tight seal using epoxy Answered

I use epoxy to seal all the joints on my compressed air canon. This works fine on all the joints except one where a small air bubble always makes an air leak despite me recovering it with epoxy resin. How can I seal this off?



7 months ago

I assume you use PVC for your cannon.
So all joints should be made with PVC pipe glue and primer.
Epoxy should bond too but because it cures to a totally different hardness the joint maight fail after a while.
Silicone is really good for all holes or similar where you have wires but not really good to make the seals around joints.
Unless prepared properly you can just peel the cured silicone off the PVC again - might mean catastrophic failure if used to "glue" two parts together.


7 months ago

100% silicone sealant. Comes in a tube, sticks to most things, cures to a rubber. Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes or hardware store.