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How can I make my own Denatured Ethanol Fireplace. I think I could do it, if someone showed me how. Please show me? Answered


You can see exactly what it is here. I burns with a spirit, called Methylated Spitirts in Australia or Ethanol, is also known as ‘grain alcohol' or ‘ethyl alcohol'.
h 110mm x w 290mm x d 290mm roughly, would suit me fine.

Hope to hear from someone soon



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9 years ago

Hi Cheryl,

I wrote a really detailed ans. and it went zap.. not impressed. so I will try again..

Firstly, half way through winter, electricity bill waaay too high.. so after seeing these things I thought I can make one..

so.. I put my thinking cap on.. first I got a stainless steel saucepan, put a smaller stainless steel bowl in it, filled that with metho and it burnt off too easily.. then I put heavy duty glass candle holders and filled those with metho, they exploded thankgod they were contained, I am very careful, metho is highly volatile.

then I took my experiment into the freezing patio.. my wine too of course at this stage as it was 9 degress needed something to warm me up haha..

i have an old combustion fire in there, not door, perfect.. no flue..just perfect..

i put a baking dish in it.. then my small stainless steel bowl, then into that i placed an empty can of baked beans, stainless steel again, i filled the bowl with metho, the circumference was the same, the liquid less it burnt for about an hour.. it was awesome, here is me sitting in my patio, drinking wine on the phone to my mum hundreds of kms away.. it was cool..

but, it was getting colder, so i took my bowl, baked bean can into the house and put into a double boiler on top of a fan forced heater.. you know those pretend log burner things that cost a fortune to run.. under the big pot I put two tea towels, then an oven rack, my double boiler, my little stainless steel bowl and baked bean can.. lit it.. and it was great, but then the flames grew, they were pretty tall, I did not feel comfortable, my daughter sitting there saying mum what are you doing.. I said, it is ok, I have the fire blanket and soon there after I used the fire blanket.. gosh that stunk..phew..

anyway, I am not one to be deterred.. so.. I put my thinking cap on, again.. went to my kitchen.. found stainless steel measuring cups., with long hangles.. a shallow baking tray and layed them in it.. I filled them first, then took them to the tray, lit each one.. and for the next hour we had heat.. I filled these as required throughout the night, it was great, my daughter went out, I ran out of metho, i bought 2 litres, but with all my stuffing around and burning it off i wasted a lot.. but hey, you live and learn.. so.. i had to resort to the fan heater, bugger..

but i have taken pics and a little video hope these help.. HOWEVER.. whatever you do.. please be extremely careful.. it is serious stuff to muck around with.. do not take metho to fire.. it will go woof in your hand.. DO NOT.. leave it burning unattended.. never... ever..

make sure you only use stainless steel, contained within a much larger stainless steel pan, pot etc.. and be very careful where you put it.. the flames are best at about 8 inches, 16 cms high.. the heat does circulate,

take care, if you can get your hands on an old combustion fire do so.. rip the door off and whalla.. i just need to figure how to get mine inside the house.. mmm!!