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How can I make roller blinds. Answered

Hi, Can I get an instructable on how to make simple window blinds/shades. One piece of fabric stitched top an bottom but how do i do the pulley thing. I know it can be purchased but that's no fun. TIA


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12 years ago

How about Roman shades? Or, thinking off the top of my head...

  • A piece of fabric, hemmed to the size of the window.
  • A length of dowel
  • Cord
  • A small pulley
  • A pair of washers large enough to fit on the dowel.
  • Some method of tying of the cord (a hook or cleat to fix it to).

> Attach the fabric across the top of the window, and the dowel across the bottom of the fabric.
> Attach the small pulley to the top of the window-recess, at a side of your choice.
> Attach both washers to the same end of the dowel, with a narrow gap between them.
> Fix the end of the cord to the window-recess, beside the pulley.
> Thread the cord down under the dowel (between the washers), up and over the pulley, and back down to where you can reach.

Pull the cord, and the dowel will roll the fabric up. Release, and the fabric unrolls. At the desired level, tie off the cord in the cleat.

That works in my head - I haven't tried it for real.