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How can I power this 3watt LED bulb / parts from it? Answered


I have some color changing LED light bulbs. They are 3 watts. I have one that popped in the socket so I took it apart. I have a flying ghost decoration I would like to light up. Even if it's just rigging the single led itself into the ghost, or as much as creating a battery pack that will run a full bulb itself. Can anyone help me or point me to some useful reading. I don't have much electronics experience past my high school electronics class, and that was 10 years ago. 

How can I run power to the disassembled bulb to see if it works at all still (doubtful)? If that doesn't work I would like to take out the single led and see if it still powers at all. 

Ghost innards attached if someone could be as brilliant to say something like solder an led to here n here. 

Thanks for for reading and thanks for any help!




3 years ago

The LED will need a resistor in series to limit the current OR a constant current Power supply (not hard - Google)

To calculate the resistor use this site


If your not sure about the parameters for the LED assume 3 volts supply, 1 amp (this is 3 watts although it is likely that the LED isn't really 3 watts at all and draws less current.)

You could assume 500 Ma (1/2 amp) and still get a bright light out of it.

If this lamp is a collection of smaller LEDs better assume a max of 20 mAmps current per LED.