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How can i safely clean my dog tag? Answered

I recently bought a nickle plated dog tag that has a picture engraved onto it. I want to know how to clean it without the risk of messing up the picture. What kind of cleaner/cloth should i use? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Work your way up til you find what works safely:

Just a damp rag.

Then just a damp rag with a bit of gentle soap...

Then a damp rag with some glass cleaner

Then a rag with some metal cleaner/brasso (careful rubbing too hard, it cleans by polishing a layer off)

...what is on it?


Answer 8 years ago

right now im just using a piece of soft cotton shirt with a bit of water and that seems to take off any fingerprints. its a picture of my dad we lost him in '06 so its not something i would want to risk messing up. thanks for such a quick answer!!


Answer 8 years ago

best of luck with it - if its really delicate, there might be a polyurethane clearcoat or the like that you can add that seals the surface and prevents abrasion from damaging the picture -- but again, research before applying anything!


8 years ago

Whatever you try, do it on the back of the tag first, so any adverse effect won't ruin your picture.


Answer 8 years ago

That's a good idea the only problem is that i have engraved words on the back. But i would imagine the picture would be much easier to ruin than the words so i still will use that method. Thanks for the tip and quick response!!