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How could I add a USB male cable to my 3.5" Hard Disk Drive so I could access the files on my hdd easier with my pc? Answered

I use the hdd with my PS2 and I would like to transfer ISO's to it without having to take apart my computer. Is there a way to add a USB male cable directly to the hdd?


cokebottle tuque

Best Answer 10 years ago

thisshould work perfectly for what you want + it should work with xbox 360 dvd drives if you ever want to play with firmware. As a side note it is possible to transfer ISO files to the ps2 over ethernet.


10 years ago

You need some additional circuitry. The simplest solution is to buy one of the many USB disk driver adapters/enclosures, which include that circuitry, the power supply the disk will also need, and typically a box to put it all in so it (a) looks nice and (b) doesn't get shorted out accidentally. Of course, there is the question of whether the hard disk for the PS2 is using anything resembling a standard filesystem. I've had no reason to look at PS2's, so I have no opinion on that.