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How do I avoid getting a virus when I download a torrent? Answered

I'm new to the torrent world but I have a torrent downloader and I downloaded something but it created all kinds of viruses on my computer. How do I prevent this from happening again?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Please don't say that isohunt has no viruses. This is not true. To get a low risk of getting a virus, read all the comments on the torrent. Also look at how many people are seeding. If it's a good file people tend to seed them but if there is a virus I generally don't seed.

Also, I don't recommend Norton, as it slows down computers by a considerable amount. AVG or Kapersky is good though.


3 years ago

torrenting will contain virus so when you download torrents make sure you have a good anti virus program i recommend bitdefender it has the least impact on performance of the pc but stay away from torrenting games because it WILL contain virus for sure so if you want to download games just go to igg games or skidrow or ocean of games those are very good sites


6 years ago

I use Unthreat Antivirus to protect my computer and make sure I only download files that have good reviews and that I know are legit.
you can find Unthreat here if you want - unthreat.com


10 years ago

Firstly, what kind of virus protection software do you have? Secondly what site do you download torrents from? Download a good trusted virus protection software eg: Norton or AVG. Secondly the best torrent download site is http://isohunt.com/ it never contains viruses and always has the best torrents, hope this helps.