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How do I do digital signal processing and DAC with a 16F877 PIC chip? Answered

I am thinking about replicating the Lo-Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal and I am unclear how exactly the incoming ADC data is being stored/processed by his code. I also don't fully understand what he is doing in using PWM to do DAC. Can anyone clarify this process and explain how it might work with a 16F877 chip that has built-in hardware 10-bit PWM functionality? Or, at least, can someone reference me to an equivalent project or article?


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Best Answer 12 years ago

Hey randofo,

In regards to the use of PWM for DAC, that's one of the standard ways to do DAC on microcontrollers. PIC recently introduced a new line of MCU's that have onboard DACs, but for older ones, such as the 16F877, outputting via PWM and then filtering this output is the only way to do it. this appnote may help clarify how it works.