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How do I make a feather collar? Answered

How do I make a feather collar like the one in the attached picture? Feathers, some kind of closure... but what is the best way to bind the feathers to the ribbon/fabric? Anyone have any advice? Thanks!



4 years ago

Way easier solution guys. What the model is wearing is a manufactured feather bias tape. I happen to have purchased one yard of this from Amazon for $9.00. I'm currently using it to make a shoulder wrap. It is the exact same feather color as well. Simply cut the bias tape to length and fasten a complementary closure.

If you want to make this yourself, purchase bias tape, place feathers in between the two layers, secure feathers with hot glue to the inside bottom piece of the bias tape. Fold over the top piece of bias tape back in place, then sew over the top and bottom of the bias tape with thread of the same color.


10 years ago

To add a bit to what Yokozuna said:

- You'll need a fabric base to sew the feathers to. It should be the same color value as the feathers you want to use, about 1/3 to 2/3 as wide as you want the finished feather collar, and be stiffened with interfacing to hold its shape.
(The little folded-over ribbon you see in the picture is not the collar base - it's just there to hide the ends of the topmost layer of feathers.)

- Sew the feather one layer at a time, starting with a bottom layer with the ends of the feather ribs attached at about the middle of the collar's width. Feathers should lie flat, just touching along the edges at their fullest point. Be gentle and careful, and think of the feather-sewing process as an exercise in developing the art of patience.

- The next layer goes 1/2"-1" further in, with each feather centered halfway between two feathers in the first layer.

- Keep adding layers until the ribs of the feathers in the last layer are almost to the inner edge of the collar. This will take a lot of feathers.

- Finish by hiding the bottoms of the last layer of feathers with your own nicely folded-over ribbon.

- Then go seek out every reasonable opportunity to wear and show off your magnificent creation. :)


10 years ago

Try sewing them directly to one side of the fabric via needle and thread. With a little effort you can stick the needle right through the shaft of the feather below the barbs, and go through each feather a few times to help stabilize them.