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How do i make an ethanol fuel cell ? Answered



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

There is a Wikipedia article for, "Direct-ethanol fuel cell"


and this kind of looks like some cutting edge stuff. I mean the oldest date included in the references, is like 2006?

There are also direct methanol fuel cells,


and I think those have been around a while longer.

To me, this does not look like something easy, or cheap, for an amateur to build. I'm not even sure where I'd go shopping for the materials.

By the way, if you have not built any homemade batteries before, I recommend looking at two instructables by author NurdRage, specifically, "Make a Zinc-Air Battery" and "Make a Copper Sulfate and Zinc Battery", here:



Also a Let's Make search for "air battery" (specifically I am thinking of air breathing batteries; i.e those with a cathode that can reduce oxygen from the air) I think maybe returns a few 'ibles worth looking at.


By the way, there is a kind of general class of batteries that use air as oxidizing agent and a metal as reducing agent(i.e fuel), and the names of these start with the name of that metal, followed by the word "air", followed by the word, "battery".


zinc-air battery
aluminum-air battery
iron-air battery
sodium-air battery

And you might get better search results, if you search specifically for one of those, like for example, "aluminum air battery"


Curiously, that naming pattern only seems to apply to batteries that use some kind of solid metal as the reduced species. Certainly, we can imagine a,

hydrogen-air battery

But nobody calls it by that name. Instead it is a "hydrogen fuel cell".

Also I think the main difference between a "fuel cell" and an ordinary battery, is that reactants are fluid, e.g. a gas or liquid, and there is plumbing for to pipe these fluid reactants into the place where they react with the anode or cathode. There is also something called a "flow battery",


and "flow battery" and "fuel cell" seem to have a lot in common.



Answer 3 years ago

If the kid would know how to use a search engine we would see a question with meaningful info.....


Reply 2 years ago

Search Engine returns research papers not suggestions from anyone who’s tried to make one in the wild. I’d guess that is why the question is directed to this DIY focused forum.